Monday, June 28, 2010

Who We Are

Just thought we'd take a moment to introduce ourselves.

We're Jane and Jennifer, two moms who love the fact that there are now lots of new and exciting green baby products out there!  We have four kids between us, ages ranging from 8 months to 4 years.

While we're not totally crunchy (e.g. we're not vegans, we didn't do home-birth, we vaccinate...), we believe in natural parenting methods (breastfeeding, co-sleeping, natural weaning, cloth-diapering, ECing, babywearing...).  We also believe in using, as much as possible, environmentally responsible products in raising our children.  We know that by simply bringing another person into this world, we will be adding another person's wastes into this planet.  That is unavoidable.  But we can try to minimize the impact, by choosing products that use the least amount of resources, and leave the least amount of waste.

And that is what led us to this business.  This business was actually started by another mom, and we were originally her customers.  We loved her products so much that when she moved to another country and offered to sell her business, we immediately snatched it up.  We are now nearing the one-year mark (in a few days, actually!) and it has been fun growing our business.  What brings us real pleasure, however, is helping our customers and having our customers tell us that they love our products.

So, take a moment to look through our shop, The Eco Baby Boutique, and you might find something you like!

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