Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our First Magazine Feature

We are featured on the August 2010 issue of Working Mom magazine!

We have been listed by Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom as one of the top online stores to shop for baby items.

Our FuzziBunz One-Size Pocket Diapers and Hotslings Pouch are also featured on its pages.

The magazine also features lots of other baby products, sure to be helpful for first-time moms!   So grab a copy of this month's Working Mom now!

On a side note, the caption on Hotslings states that it can carry babies from 8 to 35 kilos.  This is incorrect (must be a typo).  It can carry babies from 8 to 35 pounds, not kilos.

Also, note the position of the baby in the ring sling (beside the Hotslings).  The baby's legs are hanging straight down.  This is also incorrect.  The baby could slip out of the sling.  (No wonder the mom is still clutching the baby.)  The baby's legs should be wrapped around the mom's waist in a frog position.  His knees should be higher than his bottom.  That way, his own weight will anchor him in the sling, preventing him from falling out.  It will be more comfortable for both mom and baby, too!

Another thing, any carrier (no matter how expensive) that lets your baby dangle by his crotch is not a good carrier.  This position puts undue pressure on the spine and pelvis.  Look for carriers that support the baby's weight by his bottom and supports the legs from knee to knee.

For more information on how to wear your baby safely, please check out our Babywearing page or go to