Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's New at The Eco Baby Boutique

We have not posted in a while.  Between taking care of our kids and running the business, we have been  quite busy.  We have lots of new stuff in our store!  Check them out:

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana One Size Diapers 6 pack in Tutti Frutti

Charlie Banana One Size Diaper is a pocket diaper, similar to FuzziBunz.  Like FuzziBunz, it is adjustable through internal elastics, which makes for a trim-fitting diaper.  It has an extra snap at the waist tab so you can overlap for the smallest setting.  The pocket is at the front instead of the back.

Charlie Banana One Size Diaper is also a hybrid diaper -- you can switch between cloth inserts and disposable inserts.  This makes it convenient when out and about or when traveling.  It is also useful for parents who are thinking of switching to cloth, but afraid of going all the way.  It's like a test drive for using cloth diapers.

We love the colors of Charlie Banana, especially these three:

Hot Pink
And the prints are adorable!

Under Construction

Happy Heinys

Speaking of adorable prints, Happy Heinys has come out with a collection of new prints.  Take a look:

Glow in the Dark Skulls

Bright Retro
Ooga Booga (Limited Edition)
Happy Heinys One Size Diapers used to be better suited for bigger babies.  But with their new One for All, Happy Heinys has redesigned the cut of their diapers so that they now fit smaller babies better.  They are now less bulky and fit both small and big babies.  But if you have a big baby with chunky thighs, you may wish to buy the old style to save a hundred pesos per diaper. 


For a limited time, we are offering Rumparooz One Size Diapers in our store.  Rumparooz is a pocket diaper with a special feature: it has poop scoops -- gussets that hold in explosive, liquidy newborn poop!  

Most one size diapers are too big for newborns.  Rumparooz seems to be the only one size diaper that can fit  newborns starting at 6 lbs. 

We only have 1 each of the colors/prints, so get them while you can!


Ladder 6

Lil Monster


Whale Tale

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